Create a Successful Children's Party
Some facts and ideas to help you plan for your kids' party.
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  1. Party Duration
  2. Party Time
  3. Scheduling Entertainers
  4. Preparing the Performer
  5. Planning Time for Lunch
  6. Age Appropriate Entertainment
  7. Goodie Bags / Party Bags
  8. Join In
  9. Insurance
Party Duration
Children’s parties are often better if they are shorter than adult parties.  Usually 2 to 4 hours.  <Back to Top>
Party Time
Most children’s parties occur between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. These are usually convenient hours for most of the participants.  This also means that entertainers tend to book up during these times.  So it's best to order your entertainment as soon as possible.    <Back to Top>
Scheduling Entertainers
It’s best to schedule the performer's show at least 30 minutes after the planned party start.

If you have many guests traveling long freeway distances, or if you know that your guests tend to run late, then it's a good idea to start the show 1 to 2 hours after the party is planned to begin.    <Back to Top>

  Preparing the Performer
Is there something special about the children that you want the performer to know?  Perhaps you have a special request?  Do let the performer know when he/she arrives, or even beforehand when coordinating with your entertainment provider.    <Back to Top>
Planning Time for Lunch
Giving children lunch?  Many children aged 7 and under won't spend much time at the table.  Often, it's just a few bites -- and then they’re up and playing.    <Back to Top>
Age Appropriate Entertainment
Ages 1-4:  For pre-school children, keep the entertainment simple.  Small children love songs, music and puppets, but are sometimes afraid of large-headed characters or heavy face make-up.  Little girls like princesses, and little boys like super heros and pirates.  Clowns with little or no face makeup are also great for boys and girls.

Ages 5-8:  Kids of this age group usually enjoy themed parties, organized games, magic, balloon sculptures and face painting. For girls-only events, tea parties, dance parties,  dress-up parties, and glamour face make-up are favorites.  For boys-only parties, super heroes to lead organized games, create  balloon sculptures, and perform magic are big hits.  Boys and girls enjoy animals, moon bounces, and amusement park-like rides.

Ages 8-12: For older kids, crowd-pleasers include professional magicians, animal shows, and supervised karaoke.  Consider booking entertainment in line with your children's hobbies.  If they love dancing, consider hula, country western line dancing led by a cowgirl, or a '50s girl to lead nostalgic dances and games.  If they love arts and crafts, then a crafts leader can help them make take-home jewelry and crafts.  Sports enthusiasts might enjoy a karate party led by a martial arts expert, a soccer or basketball party led by a coach, or other sport-oriented event.  Feel free to explore possibilities with your entertainment provider.    <Back to Top>

Goodie Bags / Party Bags
Goodie bags (party bags) are quite popular as parting gifts for young guests. These are filled with goodies (toys and/or candy) appropriate for the age and gender of your party guests.   Your entertainment provider may be able to provide these to fit your budget.   If you're keeping to a particularly tight budget, inexpensive prizes and souvenirs can be found at some discount stores.  Your entertainment provider should have suggestions for you.

Usually, it's best to hand out the party bags as the guests leave the party. Giving the bags to them early may distract them from other party activities -- and the gifts will keep them busy in the car on their ride home.

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Join In
Small children often pay more attention to the performance when parents also watch or join in.    <Back to Top>
Do make sure that your entertainment provider is insured -- and don't be afraid to ask for proof of insurance.    <Back to Top>

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