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Characters for Kids

-  Pirate treasure hunts

-  Dress-up or tea party with a beautiful princess

 -  Super Heros

-  Cowboys, Fireman, Wizards, Princes, etc...

And so much more

Our characters lead organized games and songs, and entertain with bubbles, magic tricks, balloon sculptures, face painting, and more... 


Magic for Kids

Wacky, light-hearted, and fun magic using children as volunteers and the birthday child as the star of the show.

Amazing wizards that thrill and captivate young minds.
Fun and educational magic with unusual (but safe) animals.

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Animals for Kids
Our exotic birds show is both entertaining and fascinating for young minds.  Captivating as a stage show or for 'walk around.'

Our animal magician is fun and educational for kids of all ages.


Activities for Kids
Organized arts and crafts activities help kids create a work of art they'll be proud of.
The ever-popular moon bounce (or "jump") keeps chilcren jumping gleefully for hours.
Digital surfing looks & feels like surfing the big waves!  Giant bubbles so big, kids fit right inside.
And we offer so many more ways to keep kids happy & busy... Contact us!
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Caricaturists, Photographers, and Face Painting for Kids

Whether it's pictures of you or pictures on you (face painting), we provide top-notch artists and photographers for your event.

(Click here for more on caricatures!)

Arts / Crafts for Parties,
Balloon Artists,
Jewelry Artists

Amazing balloon artists,
Jewelry-making artizans,
Wire Sculpture artists, Woodworking art,
Rice Candy Art, Rice Writing, Sand Art, Spin Art,
 ...more Arts & Crafts...

Hula Dancers for Kids
Kids learn the Hula, try out Polynesian musical instruments and drums,  poi balls, and other implements. 
They play games like limbo and hula hoops, and have the Hawaiian time of their lives! (More on Kids' Hula)
Holiday and Seasonal Characters 

Characters for all holiday and seasonal occasions.

Easter, Christmas, New Years Eve, Saint Patrick's Day,

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