Arts and Crafts for Parties
Here are some facts and ideas about arts and crafts for your event.
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  1. Hand-Crafted Souvenirs and Gifts
  2. Ideas for Arts, Crafts, Gifts
  3. Guest Participation Crafts
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Hand-Crafted Souvenirs and Gifts
Guests love take-home souvenirs and gifts from special events.  Kids in particular enjoy gifts that have their names on them.

Basically, there are three ways you can go:  1) Provide goodie bags (gift bags) to your guests, 2) Have a craftsperson make the gifts at the event as part of the entertainment, or 3) Have them made ahead of time.

For info on goodie bags, please see our Kids' Party Information site or our Goodie Bags site.

For hand-crafted gifts, making them at the event can be more entertaining (and some things, like caricatures, must be done at the event) .  But making them ahead of time can save you some money.  Consult with your event entertainment provider for advice.   <Back to Top>

Ideas for Arts / Crafts / Gifts
There are almost infinite possibilities for arts and crafts for parties.  Here are a few ideas for you to consider:

Wire Jewelry:  Jewelry made from colored wire (usually silver and gold), shaped into decorative designs can be a wonderful keepsake -- and is particularly popular with young teenagers.  The artist handcrafts names and ornaments,  and then forms them into necklaces, keychains, bracelets, pins, earrings or rings.  They are often decorated with beads and hearts.  Wire jewelry can be made prior to the event, or during the event as an additional form of entertainment.

Wire Sculpture:  Similar to wire art, the artist handcrafts bicycles, surfboards, guitars, sailboats, etc.  from the colored wire.  Then, the artist handcrafts the guest’s name into the artpiece, also using colored wire.  Like wire jewelry, wire sculptures can be made prior to the event, or during the event as an additional form of entertainment.

Caricatures:  Guests love cartoon drawings of themselves rendered by a professional caricaturist.  The caricaturist’s drawing paper can be pre-printed with a name or logo representing a company or special event.

Usually, caricaturists charge a bit more for color than for black-and-white.   Often the color drawings are then laminated in plastic.   (If you want that option, make sure there is an electrical outlet nearby.)

Polaroids:  People also love Polaroid photos as a keepsake. The photos are often inserted into jacket folders.  Since these are mementos, it is recommended that the folders be printed with a memorable phrase or graphic representing the event.

Balloon Sculptures:  Whether its a “Carmen Miranda” hat, a road runner, or your favorite animal, balloon art can be fun and fascinating for children and adults.  Some balloon artists can produce incredibly sophisticated sculptures.

Temporary Tattoos:  Guests won't forget their temporary party tattoos.  These temporary non-toxic tattoos can be applied using stencils or by airbrushing  pigments onto a person’s arm, neck, etc.   Glitter can also be added.  Popular with children and adults.

Origami:  The ancient Japanese art of paper folding is extremely popular.  The artist creates birds, fish, and other animals and objects by folding paper with incredible speed.  For added novelty, the origami figures can also be made from dollar bills!   <Back to Top>

  Guest Participation Crafts
Geared mostly toward children, art tables can be set up at your event with trained artisans to help kids create their own souvenirs.  Here are some examples:

Spin Art:  In this craft, art paper is mounted on a spinning surface, and children squirt various colors of paint onto it as it rotates.  This has been a favorite for many years.

Beaded Jewelry:  Children love to string colorful beads to create necklaces, bracelets, key chains, and other items.

Holiday Crafts:  These activities help kids make beautiful Christmas ornaments, Hanukkah items, and Easter baskets. <Back to Top>

Join In
Children, particularly small children, love to have their parents join in crafts with them.  And of course, they proudly show off their creations to Mom and Dad.   <Back to Top>
Do make sure that your entertainment provider is insured -- and don't be afraid to ask for proof of insurance.   <Back to Top>

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